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Hotel CRM Place your guest at the heart of your ecosystem

Your guests deserve a one-to-one relationship with you! Our Customer Relationship Management solution - powered by dailypoint™ - is essential to centralise data and empower your staff with the knowledge to personalise and improve the guest experience.







Wipe the slate clean with Data Laundry

Our unique algorithm contains over 350 configurable filters to standardise and correct profile data such as address matching, name prefix, email permissions as well as a complete data gap analysis. The match and merge process handles records from all sources within your hotel group including PMS, POS, Spa, loyalty and ancillary. A proprietary calculation is then performed to automatically assign RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) segmentation to your profiles.

A unique Central Profile for each of your guests

The CRM provides extensive profile management including appending of notes, interests, birthdate, guest photos and numerous custom fields for your specific requirements. Our extensive API enables your cleansed data to be passed back to the PMS for updating or be shared with other vendors in your technology stack.

Interpret data with Profile Genius

Profile Genius is the brain of our hotel CRM. It interprets thousands of micro-moments during the guest journey. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning processes transform the massive amount of consolidated data from your PMS, POS, website, WiFi, social media, and newsletter to create meaningful knowledge and influence individual service, sales or marketing actions.

The right message, at the right time

The integrated Campaign Manager enables you to easily segment, target audiences and schedule campaigns to engage the modern shopper across multiple channels. Advanced rules allow you to mute or strengthen communications for a specific hotel property or specific guests typology.

No more grey area with Website Watcher

Website Watcher enables you to track when a new or past guest returns to one of your digital channels and whether they make a purchase or not. Based on your own hotel business rules, automated remarketing messages can be personalised and sent to specific segments of your database.

Get accurate, comprehensive reports

Using either the system reporting or the fully integrated reporting by Tableau, you can centralise your data sources and prevent data leakage or theft. Make data-based decisions to drive results across your entire group: whether it is an analysis of the questionnaire results, the results of your marketing campaigns, the value of your customer segments or the quality of your data overall – you can trust the accuracy of the data.

Clear and localised documentation

At D-EDGE you are autonomous but never alone. Our user documents are available online at any moment 24/7. They are consulted thousands of times a day and are regularly updated by our experts.

Local Support

Located in more than 22 countries and speaking 20 languages, our support team will help in any way at your convenience (phone, email, etc.).. All our staff are seasoned hospitality professionals.

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