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Website Development

Travellers want to be amazed, they look for the unexpected, but with all the information just a click away.
Give them what they want! Our hospitality-dedicated Web Studio will showcase your hotel on the web according to the brand image and experience you want to offer to your guests.
Your website is your hotel’s front door…

Content Creation

Style is not just about the look! Your hotel deserves content that highlights your brand DNA and makes it stand out in travellers’ search results.
Our expert SEO writers extract the essence of your hotel and translate it into words that sell rooms.

Media Production

Your hotel is unique, so your website should be too! Showcase your accommodation’s assets and infuse your site with atmosphere to create a remarkable first experience online. Because a picture is worth a thousand words…


我们的所有员工都是经验丰富的网络专业人士:用户体验设计师、开发人员、项目经理...... 此外,他们还专注于酒店业:我们称之为“酒店天使”。 他们不但了解您的需求,还可将其转化为量身打造的技术解决方案。 他们了解对您的业务而言,任何问题都刻不容缓,因此会尽一切可能确保酒店的网站始终正常运行。


D-EDGE 致力于帮助客户取得业务成功。 我们的客户经理不仅仅是解决方案专家,同时也是您的业务合作伙伴。 相信他们会为您提供所需的行业最佳实践、效果分析和个性化建议。


技术和商业的发展日新月异! D-EDGE 坚信,我们的职责是在酒店和技术生态系统内部分享我们从日常关系中获取的经验。 过去几个月,我们通过酒店数字实验室会议,为全世界 2,000 多家酒店经营者带去了灵感,还通过免费的网络研讨会为 1,000 多家酒店经营者提供了实用信息。