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D-EDGE Agency

The digital marketing agency dedicated to the hotel industry

Welcome to D-EDGE Agency, your premier partner in cutting-edge digital marketing. Dedicated exclusively to hospitality, our full-service agency is committed to elevating the online presence and revenue streams of upscale hotels, chains and hotel groups.

We help hoteliers navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. Our expertise lies not only in generating hotel brand visibility but also in driving direct bookings and increasing your online revenue. We understand the importance of being where your audience is. Our marketing strategies are designed to captivate and convert potential guests.

We help hotels improve the performance of their digital strategy

At D-EDGE Agency, we understand the unique challenges you face as hoteliers. That’s why we go beyond conventional offerings.

Our team of seasoned professionals doesn’t just execute digital strategies. We craft customised solutions that align with the distinct characteristics of each hotel, whether it’s a chain brand, an independent boutique, or a luxurious retreat. By focusing on a targeted and data-driven approach, we ensure that your marketing mix is not only adapted to your hotel’s specific typology but is also geared towards maximum performance.


We provide end-to-end support to help you build, implement, monitor and optimise your digital strategy and develop direct sales for your hotels. D-EDGE Agency brings solutions to the challenges hotel groups and chains face.

We boost Hotels brand visibility and performance with:

Beautiful, conversion-driven websites

We showcase and sell your hotel on the web with tailor-made websites that are built for mobile.

Customised Digital Media plans

From Search marketing to retargeting and Metasearch marketing, we build a strategy that fits your hotel's distribution goals.

Search Engine Optimisation

We maximise your website’s visibility, extract the essence of your hotel and translate it into words that sell rooms.

D-EDGE Agency in a nutshell

Worldwide presence

We have the knowledge and resources to manage complex international campaigns.

360° digital expertise

From website development to digital media ad campaigns, with tracking & data analysis

Tech solutions

We’ve created proprietary solutions tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry.

Hospitality DNA

We’ve been managing digital marketing strategies, exclusively for hoteliers, for more than 20 years.

We are here for you

Embark with us on a journey to redefine digital excellence in the hospitality sector. Experience a personalised strategy, measurable results, and a seamless integration of services that set you apart in the competitive world of luxury hospitality. Our team of 60 consultants are committed to your success. Let’s talk about your objectives!

We protect your hotel brand from OTAs

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, protecting your brand from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) is crucial. At D-EDGE Agency, we implement strategic measures to safeguard your brand identity and control your narrative. By establishing a robust online presence and leveraging effective digital marketing channels, we steer potential guests directly to your website, reducing dependency on third-party platforms. Our tailored brand protection marketing mix includes Search Marketing and Metasearch Marketing to ensure that your unique hotel brand remains under your control.

We help you to build lasting relationships with your guests while minimising the impact of OTAs on your brand perception.

We promote your hotel brand to targeted travellers

Reaching and resonating with your target audience is paramount. Tailoring our digital marketing arsenal to the unique needs of your hotel, we ensure that your brand message reaches the right audience at the right time.

Through a combination of data-driven insights, strategic ad placements (incorporating display and social ads), SEO and content strategies, as well as user-friendly, conversion-oriented, and beautiful website development, we ensure that your hotels not only stand out but resonate with potential guests. With our expertise, your brand message will cut through the digital noise, creating lasting connections with your audience and driving meaningful engagement, fostering brand loyalty and advocacy.

D-EDGE connected us directly to our guests throughout each stage of the marketing funnel, which attributed to a shift of OTA bookings to the hotel brand website. This resulted in an increase in direct revenue.

Phan Thanh Long

General Manager

Rex Hotel Saigon

D-EDGE platform enables an in-depth analysis of all major KPIs to drive our direct bookings performance. By having dynamic dashboards and allowing us to cross-reference different factors, we have been successfully gaining market share vs major OTAs as well as driving visibility. The “one-stop shop” of the service provided by D-EDGE’s Digital Team allows the hotel to focus on actions that add value while leaving all the conversion techniques for the experts – perfect and successful combination to drive ROI!

Pedro Faria

Commercial Director

Real Hotels Group

D-EDGE invested much time and effort to truly understand our brand essence, and hence, successfully customised a website that projects our brand image and reflects the genuine brand identity. The significant increase in website traffic that drives business growth, as well as the reduction in bounce rate, indicates the effectiveness of this new website. Their dedicated onboarding team facilitated a smooth and efficient transition to the new website.

John Drummond

General Manager

Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong

We increase direct bookings for your hotels

D-EDGE Agency specialises in boosting direct bookings for hotels, providing a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of the digital marketing mix. Leveraging our Search and Metasearch Marketing prowess, we enhance your online visibility, directing potential guests to your website. Our Display ads expertise ensures that your offerings are prominently displayed where it matters most, especially on social media. Through our centralised platform, we streamline campaign management and monitoring, enabling efficient decision-making. By optimising your website for conversion and implementing targeted media campaigns, we maximise the likelihood of guests choosing to book directly with your hotel, ultimately increasing revenue and reducing dependence on third-party platforms.

We maximise ROI from your digital marketing campaigns

Your investment in digital marketing should yield tangible returns, and at D-EDGE Agency, maximising ROI is our commitment.

We employ a data-centric approach, constantly analysing campaign performance and fine-tuning strategies to ensure optimal results. From selecting the most effective channels to crafting compelling creatives, we prioritise efficiency and effectiveness. By staying agile in response to market dynamics, consumer behaviours, and emerging trends, we go beyond generating mere clicks, working tirelessly to transform every interaction into a valuable opportunity for your hotel’s growth.

We deliver measurable and impactful returns on your investment, and we want you to know! We provide our clients with a dashboard to monitor all their web and digital strategies in one place.

Have you ever wondered

  • How to ensure the consistency of my campaigns/sites across all my hotels?
  • How to centralise my hotels’ different media campaigns and have a single contact?
  • How can I manage return on investment and continue to generate growth in my direct sales?
  • How can I measure attribution so that I can make the necessary trade-offs?
  • How can I optimise traffic and conversion on my hotel website?
  • How can I develop my hotel brand while ensuring a good level of profitability (Brandformance)?


Search Marketing

Search Engine ad campaigns to move up your website's ranking on search engines like Google

Metasearch Marketing

Tailor-made bidding campaign solutions to promote your hotel's website on metasearch platforms

Display Marketing

Pre-targeting and retargeting ad banners to make visitors book your hotel on your website

Social Marketing

Display banners on Facebook & Instagram to redirect travellers to your official website

Website design

Showcase and sell your hotel on the web

SEO & Content

Attract, engage and convert with SEO-optimised content.

Web Analytics

Track of your digital media campaigns & website performance, from one single dashboard.

Central Inventory

Easy-to-use platform to manage your distribution in the most accurate manner.