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Central Reservation System

Interconnected or “à la carte” Cloud-based solutions to maximise the global distribution strategy of hotels.

Booking Engine

Your hotel’s website should be your most profitable sales channel.
Our fully integrated booking engine will boost your conversion rate and turn your website into your hotel’s highest-yielding shop window.

Channel Manager

Ranked as the most easy-to-use tool by its 20,000+ users, our Channel Manager is recognised by hotel professionals as the most robust and most connected solution on the market. It is your best ally to maximise your online distribution.

GDS Solutions

We connect your hotel to GDS and help you increase your visibility to thousands of Travel Agents and corporate buyers on a global scale.

Central Inventory

The Central Inventory System is at the heart of your CRS. From there, manage your rates and inventory, access your reports, and configure your system. Our Central Inventory is powerful and user-friendly. We’ve built it with our users so you can easily build complex and successful strategies.

Payment Solutions

Benefit from automated payment gateway solutions, that simplify and enhance the payment experience for hotels as well as their guests! Our solutions enable hoteliers to accept and provide more payment methods, authorise more transactions and simplify operations. We’ve done all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on growing your business. Fully integrated with the D-EDGE CRS, our solutions enable advanced hotel payment processing on all booking channels, all throughout the booking journey.

Central Reservation Office

Boost your direct bookings with an easy-to-use and centralised platform for your reservation agents. Our CRO is a game changer for hotels to easily manage offline booking requests and drive more revenue.


Located in more than 22 countries and speaking 20 languages our support team is available 10 hours a day and at least five days a week. All our staff are seasoned hospitality professionals. We call them the “Hotel Angels” They speak your language, and understand your needs. They know that all questions are urgent when it comes to your business.


At D-EDGE we are committed to your business success. Our Account Managers are not only experts in our solutions, they are also your business partners. Trust them to fuel you with industry best practices, performance analysis, and personalised advice.


Technology and Business evolve quickly!
At D-EDGE we strongly believe it is our role to share our experience arising from our daily relationships within both the hospitality and technology ecosystems. Over the last months, we have inspired 2000+ hoteliers around the world via our Hotel Digital Lab conferences and we provided 1000+ hoteliers with useful information through our free webinars.