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Central Reservation System

Simplify and optimise your distribution across all sales channels. D-EDGE cloud-based CRS offer you a series of easy-to-use solutions, to manage your entire distribution strategy

Centralise your selling, pricing and guest relationships in one place

The D-EDGE CRS is purpose-built for managing distribution, providing our clients with greater flexibility, reach, connectivity, and control over reservations and revenue across their distribution network.

D-EDGE’s CRS consolidates all distribution technology under one roof: channel manager, booking engine, payment gateway, GDS solutions and a central reservation office. With one platform to manage all of these solutions, your teams collaborate on one integrated platform that is simple to learn, easy to operate, and highly automated.

Trusted by more than 17,000 hoteliers

The D-EDGE Central Reservation System is trusted by more than 17,000 hotels and chains worldwide to manage their room inventory and reservations across various distribution channels.


An open CRS platform thanks to open API

Hotels, whether large or small, have a large ecosystem of solutions they may already be working with, making a change in their hotel tech stack difficult to apprehend. Our platform is open, and adapts to the hoteliers’ environment, not the other way around. We are connected to:

130 PMS

350 OTA

17 RMS



35 PSP

What's in our Central Reservation System for hotels?

The D-EDGE CRS is built around a series of solutions that can be used standalone or seamlessly integrated.
Our aim is to maximise your revenues with easy-to-use technology, so that you can always maintain a competitive edge.

The D-EDGE CRS offers:


Easy-to-use Booking Engine

Your hotel’s website should be your most profitable sales channel.
Our fully integrated booking engine will boost your conversion rate and turn your website into your hotel’s highest-yielding shop window.

Best-in-class Channel Manager

Ranked as the most easy-to-use tool by its 20,000+ users, our Channel Manager is recognised by hotel professionals as the most robust and most connected solution on the market. It is your best ally to maximise your online distribution.

With their SaaS technology, the wealth of solutions and partners connected to their ecosystem, as well as the availability and expertise of the teams, D-EDGE was the obvious choice.

Stéphane Radi

General Manager

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GDS Solutions

We connect your hotel to GDS and help you increase your visibility to thousands of Travel Agents and corporate buyers on a global scale.

Central Inventory

The Central Inventory System is at the heart of your CRS. From there, manage your rates and inventory, access your reports, and configure your system. Our Central Inventory is powerful and user-friendly. We’ve built it with our users so you can easily build complex and successful strategies.

Payment Solutions

Benefit from automated payment gateway solutions, that simplify and enhance the payment experience for hotels as well as their guests! Our solutions enable hoteliers to accept and provide more payment methods, authorise more transactions and simplify operations. We’ve done all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on growing your business. Fully integrated with the D-EDGE CRS, our solutions enable advanced hotel payment processing on all booking channels, all throughout the booking journey.

Central Reservation Office

Boost your direct bookings with an easy-to-use and centralised platform for your reservation agents. Our CRO is a game changer for hotels to easily manage offline booking requests and drive more revenue.

5 key benefits of the D-EDGE CRS

- Centralisation of hotel pricing and inventory management

- Seamless & limitless connectivity across distribution channels

- Seamless & secure payment processing

- Guest-centric sales & distribution

- Compliant with the latest security regulations: GDPR, PCI-DSS, 3DS , etc.

Want to see the power of our CRS for your hotel?

Our experts are here to help you identify the best option for your hotel(s). Enter your contact info and they will get back to you with a tailor-made solution.

Connect to the largest hospitality ecosystem

We view our CRS as the Center of your Distribution, and we know that hoteliers’ tech stack can be challenging to manage. Our CRS encompasses a series of solutions that are connected to each other and that can also connect to your ecosystem.
D-EDGE offers an off-the-shelf CRS solutions portfolio that can be ideal for independent hotels and small groups, but also provides a tailor-made offer for larger infrastructural needs for hotel chains.

Choose a guest-centric CRS & match your marketing strategy

With so many touch points along the customer journey, we know how much guest data can impact your strategy and the experience your clients have in your hotel.
A guest centric vision, based on a guest central profile will allow your hotel to create more impactful revenue strategies and boost guest loyalty and satisfaction.

That is why at D-EDGE we provide a Guest Management solution, fully integrated with our CRS, allowing hoteliers to get the most out of guest data to fuel their revenue growth. Concretely, this means that your reservation agent can retrieve directly and seamlessly a loyal customer contact details in the quotation process, for example, enabling further customisation of offers and pricing.

Drive RevPar growth with powerful data-driven insights

With full reporting capabilities, the D-EDGE CRS can give you valuable insights to measure your distribution performance. Our dashboard gives a clear and complete overview of your business performance, highlighting meaningful KPIs about your sales and distribution.

Experience peace of mind: our hotel CRS is secure & reliable by design

D-EDGE CRS is designed to be both secure and reliable, with a range of features and strategies in place to protect customer data and ensure that the system remains available at all times. We ensure compliance with Data Protection Regulations, including GDPR and PCI-DSS. This ensures that customer data is handled in accordance with best practices and legal requirements. Our CRS is designed to be scalable, which means that it can easily accommodate the needs of hotels of all sizes, ensuring reliability of our system and easy onboarding of multiple properties.

Key features of our hotel CRS

  • Hotel Rates Management
  • Hotel Rooms Management
  • Planning Management
  • Centralised Inventory
  • Restrictions Management
  • Extras Management (amenities)
  • Taxes Management
  • Sales & Cancellation Policies
  • GDPR – Data Management
  • Full Reservations Management
  • Automation of Rules
  • Detailed Reports
  • Voucher Generation
  • Complete Payment Management

Sell more than a hotel room

Our CRS provides a seamless, personalised, and modern booking process for an optimised guest experience.

Our strength lies in combining the best of direct and indirect distribution:

– Thanks to infinite connectivity possibilities that our Central Reservation System offers, you can sell your rooms on the channels that are the most profitable for you!
– Our mobile-first and loyalty-oriented direct booking experience, allows you to capitalise on mobile purchasing habits and make your guests feel valued with special deals curated just for them.


CRS stands for Central Reservation System.

A CRS is a computer system that enables hotels to manage their bookings and inventory. It also allows hotels to sell their rooms through various channels, such as online travel agencies and hotel booking websites. At D-EDGE, our CRS is full cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere.

CRS offer many benefits to hotels, among which: Improved booking and inventory management, better visibility on distribution channels – therefore more bookings – and reduced costs.

When choosing a CRS, it is important to consider the specific needs of your hotel. Some factors to consider include the number of hotels you manage, the number of rooms you have, your ecosystem, among which are the distribution channels on which you want to sell your rooms, but also the tools you use (your PMS, RMS solution, marketing tools, etc). Choose a CRS that can connect you to all your ecosystem.
Connectivity is essential, because the more connected your solutions are, the less friction you’ll experience.

Our mission is to simplify hospitality. Therefore, you can access your Central Inventory directly from our mobile app.


Located in more than 22 countries and speaking 20 languages our support team is available 10 hours a day and at least five days a week. All our staff are seasoned hospitality professionals. We call them the “Hotel Angels” They speak your language, and understand your needs. They know that all questions are urgent when it comes to your business.


At D-EDGE we are committed to your business success. Our Account Managers are not only experts in our solutions, they are also your business partners. Trust them to fuel you with industry best practices, performance analysis, and personalised advice.


Technology and Business evolve quickly!
At D-EDGE we strongly believe it is our role to share our experience arising from our daily relationships within both the hospitality and technology ecosystems. Over the last months, we have inspired 2000+ hoteliers around the world via our Hotel Digital Lab conferences and we provided 1000+ hoteliers with useful information through our free webinars.