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Metasearch Marketing Promote your hotel's website on every platform

Your hotel's website is your most profitable distribution channel, and a showcase for your hotel: advertise it everywhere and increase your traffic! We connect your hotel's website rates to all the main Metasearch platforms so that OTAs no longer have the monopoly on your metasearch distribution strategy.


your official website


more direct bookings


"à la carte" solutions

Get (Much) More Direct Sales

Hotel Metasearch has grown to become the most important advertising channel for hotels outpacing even AdWords. Thanks to D-EDGE Metasearch Marketing you will get more online visibility and increase your direct traffic and bookings. Your hotel is no longer distributed only by OTAs on metasearch engines.

Connect to all major hotel metasearches

We connect your Booking Engine to all major hotel metasearch—Google Hotel Ads, Hotels Combined, Kayak, Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, Trivago, Wego—to display your direct rates and availabilities on their price comparison modules. Don’t let OTAs get the traffic for your hotel, generate direct revenue with a much lower CPA (cost per acquisition) than OTAs, and reduce your dependency on OTAs.

Rely on our bidding optimisation recommendations

Benefit from personalised bidding recommendations thanks to the integrated «Smart Bidding» tool.

Choose the management model for your campaigns

We offer 3 ways to handle your metasearch strategy, according to your needs:

Turnkey model

Our digital marketing specialists manage all your bids so you can focus on your guests. The game-changer: we take the risk, you pay only for consumed bookings.

Do-it-yourself model

We connect your hotel's website rates to the Metasearch, you manage your bids on each Metasearch intranet and keep track, thanks to our clear dashboard. The plus: you're in charge and fully autonomous.

"A la carte" platform

We offer you a one-stop shop platform allowing you to view and manage your Metasearch campaigns thanks to a clear interface and reports—all suited for single and multi-hotels campaigns. The bonus: our personalised bidding optimisation recommendations.

Keep track of your campaigns' results

Thanks to clear dashboards and reports, you can easily follow the evolution of income and bookings generated on metasearch, analyse your campaigns’ performance, compare periods, and fine-tune your strategy.

A dedicated team of experts

No need to have specific expertise. We manage your campaigns on your behalf, you take care of your guests! Our expert team of campaigns managers are specialised in hospitality Metasearch bids. They are here to support you and analyse the performance of your campaigns, along with our cheerful Customer Support.

We provide Dedicated Account Management

We are committed to your success. Our Account Managers are not only experts in our solutions, they are also your business partners. Trust them to fuel you with industry best practices, performance analysis, and personalised advice.

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