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Web Analytics Track your digital marketing campaigns & website performance, from one single dashboard.

From the moment your website is live, it starts collecting data. With multiple media sources, understanding and getting the most out of these data can be overwhelming. Our team of seasoned digital & web experts have created the perfect solution to give you more transparency on your data: a single, unified dashboard to simplify the monitoring of your campaigns performance!


campaign monitoring




data based decisions


With all the different media providers on the market (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads, etc.), your data are managed in silos. You have to handle different access points and compile the data by hand to get a consolidated view. It can take time and a certain level of expertise to make sure the end result reflects the true picture. On top of it, it’s not always easy to find the right key performance indicator in increasingly complex analytics interfaces.

That’s why we've designed our Web Analytics offer: to make your campaign management and monitoring easier. Our dashboard centralises all the results of your SEO, SEA, or Social Media campaigns, from multiple data sources... to provide you with a global vision of your marketing performance.


We've been creating websites and managed digital campaigns for more than 2,500 hotels over the last decade. Our Google-vetted teams are true experts in digital marketing. You can count on them to find the best solution and fuel you with advice to help you achieve your campaign goals.

We provide centralised analytics dashboards to:
- Monitor all your traffic sources (referral/ direct/organic/paid)
- Keep track of the KPIs that matter the most to your business
- Easily build reports


Get access to a summarised view of all metrics and easily compare the performance of your campaigns. From click-through rate, CPC, to getting a concrete ROI of your campaigns on your bookings, our reporting covers all your analytics needs.


Our dashboard provides a single tracking, monitoring and analysis system for all your digital channels. And the best thing is, that we organise it according to your needs. Whether you’re a newbie or advanced in the field of analytics, our experts will provide the best solution to get you a precise view of the KPIs that matter the most to you.


In order to get all members of your team aligned, our solution allows you to program reporting emails, at your desired frequency. Let’s say you have a weekly team meeting: in just a few clicks, automatically schedule the sending of an activity report before each meeting. Personalise the email’s subject and message, add as many recipients as you need, set up the frequency of the sending and you’re good to go!


Take advantage of the power of data, to steer your strategy. Our solution makes for quick and easy comparison of several metrics: paid vs. organic traffic performance, affiliates or media that work the best, and even the weight of each OTAs in your overall sales. Without the need of a data analyst or acquisition manager, get a comprehensive view of the revenue generated by each data source and each campaign, and adjust your strategy accordingly.


We provide 3 preset dashboard levels to best suit your needs, depending on your needs, your hotel type, or your digital expertise and internal resources. Whether you're looking for an entry level or an expert view, we'll advise on the one that will work best for you.

And if you want to build your own, you can!
Our solution allows you to set-up specific reports with the KPIs that interest them the most. Adapt the dashboard size, add comments to provide further details, save it, and whenever needed, at the click of a button, simply generate an updated version you can export.


All our staff are seasoned web professionals: UX designers, developers, project managers... In addition, they are specialised in the hospitality business: we call them the “Hotel Angels”. They are here to support you and improve your website content for better performance, along with our cheerful Customer Support team.


At D-EDGE we are committed to your business success. Our Account Managers are not only experts in our solutions, they are also your business partners. Trust to fuel you with industry best practices, performance analysis, and personalised advice.

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