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Central Inventory Your piloting cockpit

The Central Inventory System is at the heart of your CRS. From there, manage your rates and inventory, access your reports, and configure your system.
Our Central Inventory is powerful and user-friendly. We’ve built it with our users so you can easily build complex and successful strategies.



The Users favourite

Advanced planning management

With clear screens detailing planning strategy, it is very simple to manage all rates and inventory from a single place.

Real-time access to your bookings

Thanks to real-time search, bookings can be viewed and extracted with all transaction details. Intuitive and easy.

Highly Secured

Our solutions are PCI-DSS Compliant.
Data is safe with users and guests benefitting from high-quality security checks.

Monitor your performances

It takes 30 seconds to get a clear understanding of business performance and growth, thanks to the reporting capabilities of our Central Inventory System.
Access real-time data and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Local Support

Located in more than 22 countries and speaking 20 languages our support team will help in any way at your convenience (phone, email, etc.). All our staff are seasoned hospitality professionals.

Account management

Our multilingual account management team support you at every stage and provides you precious tips thanks to their experience gained with more than 20 000 users using our Central Inventory.

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