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Central Reservation Office Streamline your hotel's direct distribution

Boost your direct bookings with an easy-to-use and centralised platform for your reservation agents.
Our CRO is a game changer for hotels to easily manage offline booking requests and drive more revenue.


your direct bookings


your guest facing teams' efficiency


your cross-and upselling


You probably already have a Booking Engine to process online direct bookings through your official brand website. But what happens when guests show up at your reservation desk or call your Call Centre? Why not apply the same logic to the offline channel? Increase conversion and revenue generated by offline direct bookings using our Central Reservation Office (CRO). The D-EDGE CRO allows your guest-facing teams to manage requests for quotations and process bookings in just a few clicks. As our CRO is integrated into our Central Reservation System, your teams will have access to an updated inventory and to room and rate information. They will best advise your clients, in real-time, from one single platform.


No need to switch to another system, such as your PMS: With the D-EDGE CRO, booking requests are handled entirely in the CRO. Your reservation agents can now serve your customers from a single, easy-to-use platform in just 4 steps:
• Upon guest request, search your inventory in the D-EDGE CRO
• Provide your best offers, with details on rooms, rates & extras
• Await the guest's decision and adjust the offer if needed
• Finalise the booking with the guest or send an option/quote to book later!


The innovative and time-saving features of our CRO will further drive your teams' efficiency in performing their daily routine tasks.

Our bulk actions feature allows them to close or delete several proposals simultaneously. Plus, with our modern UX design, your agents will get a preview of the rooms and rate information. All the essential information about your hotel, pictures, sales packages, availability, and even special sales or cancellation conditions are easily accessible with just a swipe! And once your agents are closing a proposal, they can add a comment to provide more details about their interaction with the client and the reasons for the closing.


With easy access to extras and special offers, your reservation agents can easily add to your customer's shopping cart. That's also where our multiple quotation feature comes in handy! By sending numerous quotations with different packages and extras, you can create various bundles for your clients and increase your chances of closing.


The D-EDGE CRO is suited for all hotel types, including groups. With a multi-hotel vision, your staff members can easily cross-sell rooms among all the hotels within your group. All your hotels' offerings are bookable, avoiding losing customers if one hotel is sold out.



With the full CRS suite offered by D-EDGE, including the CRO, all your online and offline reservations are centralised in one place.
Switch from a PMS to a CRS-centric vision! With the CRO integrated into the D-EDGE CRS, centralise the management of rates, availabilities, offers and room details on one single platform, and get a consolidated view of results for all distribution channels.
Our CRS is connected to 130+ PMS. So regardless of the one you have opted for, every action taken on the CRS side is instantly reflected on your PMS and vice-versa!


Increase your offline booking conversion with our online payment funnel, plugging the D-EDGE Pay solution. The integration between the two solutions, allows you to send payment requests to your guests at any time – with just a few clicks. Naturally, our online payment funnel is 100% compliant with regard to all security regulations: PCI-DSS, PSD2 or 3D Secure.

A great guest experience

At D-EDGE, we've integrated our CRO and our Guest data management solution (CDM) to empower your reservation agents to provide the best guest experience and increase customer retention. Because our CRO and our CDM are interconnected, your reservation agents do not have to change tools to:
• easily find a returning guest's information
• or automatically create a new guest profile with the first booking

With this integration, guests benefit from instant identification and enjoy an overall tailored experience.

Clear and localised documentation

At D-EDGE you are autonomous but never alone. Our user documents are available online at any moment 24/7. They are consulted thousands of times a day and are updated regularly by our experts.

Local Support

Located in 25 countries covering 20 languages, our support teams will help you in every possible way, at your convenience (phone, email, etc.). All our staff are seasoned hospitality professionals.


The D-EDGE CRO is part of our SaaS solutions ecosystem and 100% cloud-based, as are all our solutions.

At D-EDGE we strive to create easy-to-use solutions and provide you with dedicated support to make the most of them. With the D-EDGE CRO, you can be operational in 2 weeks, just the time required to onboard & train your team. In addition to that, you get access to our online help, with articles and tutorials that answer any question you may have and encounter when using our tools.

Compared to a PMS, the D-EDGE CRO elevates the user experience with room descriptions, pictures, and sales conditions, at a glance. With the D-EDGE CRO, call centre agents can create drafts, confirm reservations in real time with the customer or create quotations and booking options. The D-EDGE CRO also provides a multi-hotel vision, allowing the cross-sell of different hotels within a group. Last but not least: compared to a PMS, the D-EDGE CRO enables a consolidated and centralised view of all online and offline bookings from all your channels in the D-EDGE CRS. And like all of our products, the D-EDGE CRO is part of an open system, connected with your PMS, ensuring that your inventory is always up-to-date.

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