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Payment Solutions Elevate the online payment experience, for your hotel and your guests

Benefit from automated payment gateway solutions, that simplify and enhance the payment experience for hotels as well as their guests! Our solutions enable hoteliers to accept and provide more payment methods, authorise more transactions and simplify operations. We’ve done all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on growing your business. Fully integrated with the D-EDGE CRS, our solutions enable advanced hotel payment processing on all booking channels, all throughout the booking journey.

payment collection

Offer local and international payment methods

the payment process

A one-stop-shop to manage your whole merchant strategy

D-EDGE Pay is fully integrated into the D-EDGE CRS to allow centralised management of the payment process. Payment collection from online and offline channels has never been so easy.


With one unique interface to manage and gather all payments, you get an instant overview of your daily turnover and stay in control of your business targets.


D-EDGE Pay offers more flexibility and no dependency on third parties such as PSPs or PMSs to collect payment at the time of booking, whether the booking is made on the Booking Engine, Central Reservation Office or Channel Manager. Our payment automation solution allows you to start collecting payments in less than a week.

Payment Automation

From the debit to the guest's refund, everything is automatic without any manual tasks. After configuring rates, sales conditions and pricing strategy in the D-EDGE CRS, D-EDGE Pay takes care of everything else: the solution applies the right conditions depending on the initial configuration.

The D-EDGE hotel payment solutions also allow automated credit card validity checks, without any manual intervention needed. This feature is especially handy when handling payments coming from OTAs. If the guest's credit card is valid, then your PMS is updated automatically. If the card is invalid, a request is automatically sent to the OTAs to provide another card. All this happens in a second, without any manual intervention from you.

Enrich the hotel payment process

With D-EDGE Pay, the payment possibilities are endless! The hotel chooses how to collect payment and can provide different scenarios to their guests. Hotel guests can benefit from more than 67 payment methods available: local and international players, credit card networks, online banking solutions, e-wallets, and more. Our automated payment solution enables hoteliers to comply with their guests' online shopping habits by offering payment in multiple times or providing mobile-friendly payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Moreover, to encourage your customers to use your additional services, we offer you the possibility of sending them secure payment links. Providing more payment methods and adapting to customers' needs means more online payment transactions and thus more revenue! And if you'd like to stick to collecting credit card details to use as a guarantee and let the guest pay at check-out, our payment solution allows doing just that.

Security is our priority

We comply with complex and constantly changing regulations such as PCI-DSS, PSD2, GDPR or 3DS.
D-EDGE respects the latest security regulations in terms of payment safety to provide the highest level of security to hoteliers and their guests. Our payment automation solutions are fully PCI-DSS Compliant: you benefit from an end-to-end PCI-DSS process, which includes our systems and financial providers. D-EDGE also integrates innovation into the security topic with the inclusion of the 3DS V2 authentication protocol inside the payment page. This feature is reassuring for the guests and provides a higher level of security for the hotel. Payment security is increased, and customer confidence is improved.

Making online payment collection easy for hoteliers

Managing and processing online payments has never been so easy! With D-EDGE Pay, benefit from:
- A payment dashboard that provides an instant overview of all payments and allows easy funds reconciliation and dispute management.
- State of the are reporting: track daily turnover, the total number of payments collected, rejected, etc.
Automating the payment collection process will allow you to enjoy predictable payments, easy payment reconciliation, and live payment status from one unique platform.

Easily manage your cash flow by sending payment requests to your guests at any time – with just a few clicks thanks to the integration with the D-EDGE CRO. Your guest will receive a recap of their order and will be able to pay online on your hotel's online payment page, powered by D-EDGE Pay.

Fitting with the latest e-commerce codes

D-EDGE Pay enhances the booking experience by offering mobile-friendly alternatives such as Apple Pay & Google Pay and payment methods that your guests trust. The payment funnel is reassuring and secure, in line with current online shopping standards.


D-EDGE Pay enhances the booking experience by offering mobile-friendly alternatives such as Apple Pay & Google Pay and payment methods that your guests trust. The payment funnel is reassuring and secure, in line with current online shopping standards.

Night and Day Monitoring

Our system is monitored night and day to ensure maximum availability.

Account Management

Our multilingual Account Management team support you at every stage and provide you precious tips.

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