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Search Marketing Position your hotel's website on top of the search results with SEA strategies

When a traveller looks for a hotel in your area, your official website should be in the top results! Search marketing will drive potential visitors to your hotel's website and balance OTA dependency, thus increasing direct bookings, and reducing distribution costs.


in the top search results


your hotel's brand


direct bookings

Improve your website visibility and protect your brand

We employ SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategies to your official website to prevent OTAs from using your hotel's name and getting better rankings than your hotel's website. Through targeted ad campaigns, your website appears first on search engines, and your hotel brand is also protected.

Google certified staff

Our teams have been vetted by Google. The Google Premier Partner certification ensures you get the highest standards of service on the market.

Hospitality expertise

We have been managing search campaigns for more than 2,500 hotels over the last decade, converting searches into direct bookings. Our marketing team deftly wields key words and biddings that will make your hotel stand out to travellers.

Worldwide scope

We advertise in more than 134 countries, in 18 languages, to reach and address every single traveller. We run your SEA campaigns on all major international Search Engines (Baidu, Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex).

Rely on a easy-to-use, exhaustive platform

From setting up your budgets to managing your bids and monitoring results, we provide you with the best-in-class platform to manage and monitor your campaigns.
With MediaGenius, you can easily follow the evolution of income and bookings generated via AdWords, analyse your campaigns’ performance, and fine-tune your strategy.

Choose the package that suits you best

Increase your website’s visibility, traffic, and conversion thanks to online advertising.
We offer various business models depending on your digital expertise and internal resources. Whether you're looking for a commission-based or an agency-style solution, or just for connectivity, we'll find the one that perfectly suits your needs!

We can handle everything for you

Our expert team of search campaigns managers is specialised in Hospitality. They can handle your whole Digital Marketing strategy on your behalf if you don't have the internal resources to do so.

Advertise more, only pay for what converts

Widely distribute your hotel on many digital media such as Metasearch, Display, Social Media, and Search. The cost per acquisition is only paid once, so you can leverage all possible channels.
With MediaGenius you can manage and monitor all your Digital Media campaigns from a one-stop-shop.


Display Marketing

Pre-targeting and retargeting ad banners to make visitors book your hotel on your website

Social Marketing

Display banners on Facebook & Instagram to redirect travellers to your official website

Metasearch Marketing

Tailor-made bidding campaign solutions to promote your hotel's website on metasearch platforms