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Loyalty Program Give your guests more reasons for returning

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Customers are actively seeking the perks of a loyalty program. Integrated with our Central Data Management platform, our loyalty program allows you to set up different membership levels and rewards much like the miles or travel points system. Your guests accumulate points based on how much they've stayed and spent at your hotel and unlock different rewards accordingly.


more direct bookings


your guests' community


guests to come back

An all-inclusive guest portal

Keep your customers coming back with an intuitive and highly customisable interface. Your customers can log in to their account to view their points or membership level and unlock services/bonuses within your hotel.

An integrated and scalable loyalty program

Your loyalty program is powered by your guest central profiles from your Central Data Management platform. Use the platform to your advantage to target your loyal members with personalised special offers. Once in their loyalty area, your customers will be able to book a room directly, thanks to the seamless integration of our Booking Engine.

Tailored services

Assign different loyalty levels and allocate benefits to be redeemed by your guests according to their level. Define the levels according to your own rules, taking into accounts parameters such as the number of stays, the turnover generated, a minimum spending threshold...

Loyalty management automated

Free yourself from the hassle of managing everything manually, your Loyalty Program does all the hard work for you! Once the points rules are set up, the platform runs itself and rewards guests with their dedicated special incentives, privileges, or rate programs.

Keep track of guest retention

The integration between the loyalty program and the Central Data Management platform is seamless. Our platform allows you to unlock and follow up key loyalty metrics. Set up reports to measure guest retention and pinpoint your most loyal guest. Learn why they come back and capitalise on this information to make them want to choose your hotel again and again.



Place your guest at the heart of your ecosystem


Send the right message, at the right time, to the right guest


Get feedback while improving your guests’ knowledge