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Website Development Showcase and sell your hotel on the web

Travellers want to be amazed, they look for the unexpected, but with all the information just a click away. Give them what they want! Our hospitality-dedicated Web Studio will showcase your hotel on the web according to the brand image and experience you want to offer to your guests. Your website is your hotel’s front door...


More direct bookings


Your hotel's brand


Customer loyalty

Beautiful design

We create tailor-made websites and numerous templates adjusted to both travellers’ and hoteliers’ needs, whether you are an independent hotel or a hotels chain.

Proven UX

Our designers have tested and selected state-of-the-art methods to provide your guests with the best possible experience.
Our websites are developed to be fast, elegant, and ergonomic. The booking journey is optimised to reassure travellers and foster direct reservations.

Fully responsive

We think and breathe responsive; the traveller's experience of our websites is qualitative and fluid whatever the device, from the home page to the booking engine.


Our websites are thought to foster direct bookings that are more cost-effective for you than bookings coming from OTAs. Every page is built to drive travellers to the booking process. Our Web Studio experts can also create a seamless booking experience thanks to our fully-integrated Booking Engine.

Adapted to guests from around the world

We have more than 30 languages available for your hotel's website and offer geo-localisation solutions. Regardless of their location, no traveller will be left behind!

Integrated marketing solutions and widgets

Dynamic calendar, scarcity marketing widgets, social login... we provide you with all the tools to make sure travellers favour booking on your website, for their first booking and following ones.


Hospitality is about people; your hotel’s website should be too. Thanks to our integrated social media solutions, you can display guest reviews and social media interactions to engage travellers.

Easy to feed

Nurture your content thanks to an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that adapts to your content.
Text, images, room types, special offers, news... your imagination is the limit!

You’re autonomous, but not alone!

Our expert team of developers, UX designers, and project managers are here to support you and analyse your website performance, along with our cheerful Customer Support team.

We provide dedicated account management

We are committed to your success. Our Account Managers are not only experts in our solutions, they are also your business partners. Trust them to fuel you with industry best practices, performance analysis, and personalised advice.

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