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Payment Automation* Secure payment at time of booking

Unique on the market, this feature automates checking credit cards used as a guarantee on OTA bookings, all via the Channel Manager. It also enables processing of advanced payments on the Channel Manager and the Booking Engine.
*Not fully available on all markets yet-please check with us.

Manual control

your cash flow

Optimise availabilities and sales

Automatic Credit Card Check

With PSP you receive immediate notification of credit card validity. If the credit card is OK, then your PMS is updated automatically. If the card is invalid, a request is automatically sent to the OTAs to provide another card. All this happens in a second, without any manual intervention from you.

We are very proud at D-EDGE to be the first to launch this feature.

Enable online Payment

Establish a secure payment workflow for bookings done on your Booking Engine or for non-refundable bookings done on OTAs via your Channel Manager. Easy to configure, completely automated, and integrated into the CRS.

Alternative payment methods

Available for bookings processed via the Booking Engine, it allows the hotel to offer alternative payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

Be in line with the payment patterns of your customers and capture new markets.

PCI compliant

PSP Connect eradicates all need to handle the credit card manually. Because D-EDGE is PCI-DSS Compliant, you benefit from an end-to-end PCI-DSS process, which includes our systems and financial providers.

Payment security is increased, and customer confidence is improved.

Night and Day Monitoring

Our system is monitored night and day to ensure maximum availability.

Account Management

Our multilingual Account Management team support you at every stage and provide you precious tips.

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