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Optimising mobile experience for your hotel guest

Our experts checklist to increase your direct bookings via mobile

Published on March 17 2022

Mobile gives hoteliers the opportunity to expand direct booking horizons and leverage customer interaction to increase sales. We’ve gathered hotel guest behaviour data of the major hospitality industry players and put the learnings into easy-to-implement actions for your Hotel eCommerce strategy.

✨ Master the fundamentals

1. Build a mobile experience for your hotel website:

● Ensure that your website is responsive, or create completely new content dedicated to the mobile experience.

● Work on the load speed – remove obsolete content, avoid overly large images, minimise the number of JavaScript and CSS files.

● Finetune the navigation on your website – use a smooth, ergonomic design, set up a clear website structure, bundle the key information about your hotel in an easy-to-access FAQ section (specify check-in / check-out times, parking availability, etc.)


2. Integrate your website with a suitable booking engine:

● Ease the booking process for your guests by integrating a booking engine that will foster and process online reservations.

● Just like your website, choose a booking engine that is mobile-friendly and makes the reservation process easy for travellers on the go

● Choose a payment provider that supports common cards and new options like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

● Make sure the reservation process on your website is compliant with the latest security standards, like PCI DSS and PSD2.

✨ Boost your website exposure for more direct bookings

3. Leverage metasearch websites to optimise your profiles on the main platforms such as TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google Hotel Ads, etc. Detail your amenities and services to make sure potential guests find your property when they search for specific criteria.

4. Get a channel manager to centralise and manage your rates and availabilities on all your channels and keep your inventory up-to-date. Good exposure on OTA results will also ensure incremental direct bookings.

5. Optimise your Google My Business listing to make the key information about your hotel easy to find.

6. Be social – share about your hotel and guest reviews on social media, and include the link to your official website in your profile bio.

✨ Build up an upselling strategy for ancillary income

Go beyond just selling your hotel rooms. With an incremental revenue strategy, you’ll exploit the full potential of your establishment and open up another stream of income, helping you increase the average spend per guest while boosting guest satisfaction.


7. Clean your database and segment your guests based on relevant characteristics (length of stay, number of guests, business/leisure, loyalty) to offer personalised guest experiences before, during and after the stay.

8. Consider your hotel inventory, facilities and amenities to craft upselling offers and start with an upselling process.

9. Reach out to your guests pre-arrival to increase the chance of getting more room upgrades and upsell deal closings.

10. Streamline the upselling process – automate pre-arrival email send-outs, personalise upsell offers, save time and remove the hassle out of your upselling / cross-selling process for your team.

11. Refine the core upselling deals (breakfast, parking, dinner reservations, etc.) by finetuning the copywriting and graphics.

✨ Don’t forget - communication is key

12. Speed up responses to your guests by pairing a chatbot with your booking engine.

13. Use good old email – optimise emails for mobile; instead of attaching PDFs, provide relevant information directly in the email, and link to your booking engine.

Want to go deeper?

Check out our webinar on d-isplay, the free streaming platform for hoteliers:



Tools to drive direct bookings on desktop and mobile

Cloud-based e-commerce solutions that cover all stages of hotel distribution, from Central Reservation System (Booking Engine, Channel Manager, GDS, payment, etc) to Guest Management, but also Data Intelligence, Connectivity Hub, Digital Media, and Website Creation.


Digital marketing platform built for travel marketers Sojern provides multichannel marketing solutions to drive direct demand.


Hotel Res Bot
Hotel email reservation assistant that helps the reservations department in hotels and restaurants answer incoming emails.

Hyper-personalised upselling software that helps hotels boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding.


AI-powered chatbot and messaging hub for hotels removing all barriers to reservations – increasing your direct sales and boosting your additional sales.

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