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Hotel Distribution System & Connectivity Made Easy

D-EDGE Smart Channel Manager Increases Efficiency

Published on August 31 2021

Rooms Inc Semarang by ARTOTEL, located in the prime area of the business district in Semarang, intertwines technology and lifestyle. A tap on the guest’s smartphone-connected through an integrated technology system allows for self-check-in and to also chat with the hotel’s Guest Relations Officers directly. Rooms Inc Semarang selected D-EDGE to increase efficiency in its hotel distribution system with D-EDGE Smart Channel Manager.


  • To be able to obtain real-time inventory and price updates on all OTA distribution channels.
  • To have easy-to-use tools for remote access when out of office and on the go.
  • Able to auto-yield pricing to increase revenue with a simple revenue management tool.
  • Able to connect to Hotel Property Management System (PMS) & Booking Engine.
  • Local support is available to address any technical challenges.


  • Smart Channel Manager has a real-time push for inventory and price updates to OTAs.
  • The user-friendly Mobile app makes remote access on the go convenient.
  • The ‘Little Yielder’ feature allows hotels to increase or decrease prices based on room allotment business rules. It can also automatically close out selected channels when required.
  • Seamless connectivity to increase hotel distribution system efficiency.
  • Locally based support team available in the local language.

The Smart Channel Manager has increased efficiency in our hotel distribution system. The easy to use system pushes real-time inventory and price updates to all OTA channels. The remote access of the system to monitor room booking and price yielding a la minute allows us to capture business opportunities. In addition, the local support is only a phone call away for any technical challenges.

Linanda Puji

Revenue Manager

Rooms Inc Hotel Semarang


  • Implemented the Smart Channel Manager to increase the availability of hotels on more online distribution channels.
  • Connecting PMS to push real-time allotment to maximise revenue.
  • To minimise disparity on online distribution channels.


The Smart Channel Manager provided the hotel with minimise disparity on online distribution channels. Connecting PMS to push real-time allotment have provided hotel with 0 overbooking.


Channels update success rate


overbooking encountered

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