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The 5 things that will change with the right Guest Management solution

Published on June 01 2022

CRM, CDP, CDM, etc… it is not easy to get through all the terms when talking about guest management in the hospitality industry. And yet, managing your guest data is key to improving your guest loyalty!

Expert in hospitality technology, D-EDGE developed a Central Data Management Platform to help hoteliers optimise their guest management and make the most out of their data. Much more than just a regular CRM, D-EDGE Central Data Management platform is a powerful tool that offers many benefits. Among which:

1. Your guest data is always up-to-date and clean

Whether guest info comes from your front office at the check-in, from your F&B team at breakfast, from your housekeeping during the stay, or from your social media, website, or one of your numerous tech providers (PMS, CRS, etc.), you gather a lot of data in just one day.
Our algorithm makes sure you don’t get duplicates, and keep your guest data clean and up-to-date at any time.

2. Your staff has just the right info, at the right time

Your staff gathers and needs info about your guests. From your front office to your Revenue Management, from Sales to Marketing teams, not to mention your Housekeeping and F&B teams.

And you want all that info to be stored in one place, accessible and editable according to each need.

3. Your audience feels special

Because you’ve stored and sorted data on your guests thanks to your Central Data Management solution, you’ll be able to segment your audience according to their profile, and send them dedicated, personalised offers.

Our expert tip: We often think that we need to communicate a lot in order to be visible and make money. But this can also be counterproductive.
For example: if you receive a lot of corporate clients, it will probably be useless to send them your special Valentine’s Day offer. Chances are, they will want to change the decor on their personal time. On the other hand, think about sending them business offers during the periods they come frequently.

4. Your guests come back

Because you know what triggers them to book in your hotel, you’ll nurture the relationship with your guests with dedicated offers that hit the spot! Paired with an engaging loyalty program, you can be sure that your guests will return.

5. You don't have to worry about GDPR

The GDPR is a huge obligation for hoteliers. Companies that don’t comply can face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of their global turnover, whichever hurts you more.
Still, it can be tricky to identify compliance gaps, or to train your entire staff in good personal data management practices.
Fortunately, with a Guest Management solution, you don’t have to worry about that. The tool is built to ensure that you always stay within the law.

Bonus: Your ROI will increase 🎁

The implementation of a Guest Management platform allows you to better identify and target your key customers, to optimise your marketing campaigns and therefore to favour direct bookings. It also helps to work on the retention of your guests rather than on the acquisition of new ones. In a nutshell: maximise your profits!

At D-EDGE, we developed our Central Data Management platform around a unique Guest Central Profile, keeping in mind these key points to make sure it fits hoteliers’ specific needs.

Do you want to see how it would be for your hotels to move to our CDM solution?

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